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Payment Methods

This business is based in the UK, so all prices on our lists are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). 

Due to rising bank charges, we no longer accept payment in other currencies.

We welcome overseas orders with payment via PayPal - we will send you a PayPal money request in British Pounds Sterling, and PayPal will do the currenct conversion so that you pay in your own currency.  This is a routine process.

We will not 'reserve' insignia as experience has shown this to be an unsound business practice. Because we do not reserve items, there is no point in asking for pro-forma invoices.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

You do not need a PayPal account in order to use PayPal.  You may use normal credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa via PayPal.  Some items listed on our website may be sold before your order arrives, so PLEASE use the following procedure:

  • Place your order using our Order Form format, including 
    • your name and address, (plus your customer Client Reference if you know it),
    • our stock numbers, item descriptions and the quantities you require,
    • alternatives in case your first choices are sold.
  • We will calculate the total cost of the available items (including mailing costs).
  • We will use the PayPal 'Request Money' feature to invoice you for the goods.
  • DO NOT send payments via PayPal until I have confirmed the total cost.
  • ONLY send your credit card details via PayPal.  DO NOT e-mail credit card details to me - the http://www.KellyBadge.co.uk server is NOT secure.

If ordering by post, please send payment with your order, particularly if you are a first-time buyer.  We send a fully itemised receipt with all orders. Click here for postage / shipping costs

Apart from PayPal, we suggest the following payment options.

Please do not send cash by mail - the Post Office advises against this, and is unlikely to compensate you if your letter is lost or stolen in transit. Foreigh cash still attracts UK bank currency exchange fees.

We do not accept Western Union payments because there is no Western Union agent in our town.  It would cost too much time and fuel to travel a return distance of 20 miles to collect payment from the nearest agent.

With effect from 16 January 2001, UK Banks stopped accepting Eurocheques.  We cannot accept Eurocheques under any circumstances.

Limited-Value Cheques

A 'limited-value cheque' is one where you address, date and sign the cheque, but leave the amount sections blank.

As a safeguard against the limited-value cheque being lost or stolen, write at the top or bottom of the limited-value cheque 'Not more than _______________'. Complete this line with the total amount of your order plus Air Mail postage (and appropriate cheque negotiation fee if you send payment in your own currency). We will complete the amount sections for no more than the amount you specify. The bank would reject the cheque if we complete it for more than you have specified.

Limited Value Cheque

Limited-value cheques cover the following contingencies:

If you do send a fixed payment which turns out to be more than the total amount of your order, we will transfer any credit to an account in your name. This is because it costs us £1.50 in Bank charges to produce a (£ Sterling) refund cheque - a cost we would prefer to avoid if possible. This is probably to your advantage as it may cost you more in Bank charges to exchange my refund cheque than the cheque is worth!

Stock Up-dates

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Prices are in British Pounds Sterling and you may order online or order by mail.

Stock Codes

The first 6 figures of each line is our Stock Serial Number - use this when ordering. Where applicable, the code in brackets before the price is a reference to standard reference books.

Postal Costs

There is a minimum charge of £1.50 postage and packing for all orders. If Royal Mail costs exceed this amount, then the charge will be higher. Please see our How to Order page.

Button Identification

The British Button Society has an identification service.

The British Button Society

British Button Society logo

The British Button Society was founded in 1976 by a group of people interested in collecting buttons and researching their history. The Society has collectors of all types of button and publishes 4 excellent journals per year called 'Button Lines' - click for details

Insignia Images

Pictures of insignia on this website are taken from items owned by Ian G Kelly (Militaria). Images and text are copyright © Ian G Kelly (Militaria)