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We Buy Uniform Insignia

We would like to buy your spare uniform badges and buttons - but this depends on price.

If you have any items you wish to part with, please send a list of them with individual prices (in £ Sterling) - as opposed to the actual items.  That way we don't incur unnecessary postage charges should we make a business decision against buying the pieces you wish to sell. It is cheaper to send a list both in terms of weight and postage cost.  A photocopy or scanned image of the items may help if you do not know what they are or do not have access to standard insignia reference books.


If you have doubts about the quality or originality of an item, chances are that we will have similar doubts - if so, we would send the item back to you. Similarly our clients tend not to want items that are badly worn, damaged, dented, scratched or minus the fitting on the back (normally a loop). To prevent unnecessary postal costs please list only undamaged badges and buttons which you consider genuine.


We regard setting the price as the owner's job - that way, you the seller get the price you want for them. We set the prices for items on our lists and see it only fair that you do the same for your property.  Please tell us how much you want for your items.

Individual Prices.  Sometimes people offer to sell us a number of items at an 'all-in' price for the lot.  The problem with buying job-lots is that we might not want some of the items.  We prefer that you set a separate price for each item you wish to sell.  This makes it simpler to return the items we don't want.  If you expect us to buy a collection at a single price for the lot, the price you ask should be a lower in order to compensate for potentially unsaleable items amongst the job-lot.

As a guide, if we think an item will re-sell quickly, we will pay or swap for up to 60% of our selling price.  If we already have a lot of similar items in stock, or if we are buying in bulk, it means that we will have items sitting on our shelves for a while; this would tie-up our cash, so we would not pay as much.

Please bear in mind that we may already hold sufficient stock of some of the items you offer for sale. Even if we do hold sufficient stock, we might still buy - but only if the price is low enough to justify tying-up our money.

Swapping and Trading

The same principles apply - a 'cash-value' gives more flexibility in case your first choice from our catalogue is no longer available - we can then use this cash-value against your alternative choices. With over 13,000 collectors on our books it would otherwise be difficult to keep track of badges sent as swaps.

Once you set the price we will then be in a better position to tell whether or not we can re-sell them - 'one-for-one' swaps will not keep us in business.

By giving swaps a 'cash-value' we can either send you a cheque or put the amount as a credit against your name. Please specify whether you would prefer a cheque or credit - please bear in mind that it costs us £1.50 in bank charges to produce each cheque and prefer to give credit for low-cost purchases.

The Next Step

Please send a price list of your spare items to -

Ian Kelly (Militaria)
PO Box 66
SY12 0YS
United Kingdom

We also have an online message form, but to avoid junk mail, it deliberately does not allow attachments such as images.

We publish button catalogues by post about 10 times per year. These cost £1.50 each and include fresh stock before it appears on this website.  In effect, postal subscribers get first-pick of the rare items.

Button Identification

The British Button Society has an identification service.

The British Button Society

British Button Society logo

The British Button Society was founded in 1976 by a group of people interested in collecting buttons and researching their history. The Society has collectors of all types of button and publishes 4 excellent journals per year called 'Button Lines' - click for details

Insignia Images

Pictures of insignia on this website are taken from items owned by Ian G Kelly (Militaria). Images and text are copyright © Ian G Kelly (Militaria)