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More about our Postal Catalogues

We buy and sell BRITISH and COMMONWEALTH insignia by mail order.

Our 3 main types of postal (snail-mail) list are 'Supplementary Lists', 'Master Badge Catalogues' and Full Button Lists.  We sometimes produce 'Classified Lists' and 'Interim Lists'.

We have NO German NAZI items, NO medals,
NO knives, NO g uns and NO bulky equipment.
Whatever we sell must be small enough - and legal enough - to be sent by mail.

Supplementary Lists

These are our standard postal lists, about 8 pages of fresh stock - issued to paid-up subscribers when we have sufficient fresh stock to justify publication - about 3 or 4 times a year. Each list has about 400 - 450 items of fresh stock. Subscribers normally pay for 4 Lists at a time (but may pay in advance for any number).
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Master Badge Catalogues

These are BIG lists consisting of unsold badges from Supplementary Lists and are always a few weeks behind the latest Supplementary List in terms of fresh stock. Up-dated Master Lists are available from Lulu.com. The 2014 Master Catalogue is available in A4-format with 132-pages.
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Our 132-page April 2014 Master Badge Catalogue 
is available
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Button Lists

Button collectors are flourishing and seem to be forming a distinct group that needs its own catalogue.  This is currently 24 pages.

No Subscription = No Postal Catalogues

Very occasionally (to keep our cash-flow healthy after buying a big collection of badges) we might issue one or more of the following types of list to paid-up subscribers who have a known interest in the type of insignia that we have just bought.

Classified Lists

A Classified List consists of all stock in a single Classification, e.g. 'C1 - Police Insignia'.   A Classified List costs the same as a Supplementary List.

Interim Lists

If we do not have enough pages of stock to justify issuing a Supplementary List we may sometimes send an Interim List to known collectors of the main types of fresh stock catalogued to-date. An Interim List is a scaled-down EARLY version of a Supplementary List and consists only of fresh stock. An Interim List costs the same as a Supplementary List.

No Subscription = No Postal Catalogues


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Button Identification

The British Button Society has an identification service.

The British Button Society

British Button Society logo

The British Button Society was founded in 1976 by a group of people interested in collecting buttons and researching their history. The Society has collectors of all types of button and publishes 4 excellent journals per year called 'Button Lines' - click for details

Insignia Images

Pictures of insignia on this website are taken from items owned by Ian G Kelly (Militaria). Images and text are copyright © Ian G Kelly (Militaria)